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What to do After Storm Damage to My House?

What to do After Storm Damage to My House?

Storms are natural, but the damage after storms can be devastating. Assessing the destruction, knowing where to start, and picking up the pieces may feel overwhelming. Here are five ways to prepare for what will happen after a storm.

  1. Tread carefully and stay alert: Once you know everyone is safe and accounted for, do your best to prevent injury. Watch for broken glass, exposed nails, unsecured piles of debris, collapsed walls, or standing water. If you smell gas, shut off any valves, and if you see any downed power lines, alert the police.

  2. Assess damage and photograph evidence: To ensure you will be properly compensated, take pictures of any internal or external damage. Record any lifting or lost shingles, siding, windows or door destruction, appliances, flooding, and moisture or fire damage. Any personal items lost or destroyed should be noted as well.

  3. Call your insurance agency with damage information: After photos have been taken, call your insurance agent. You have the right to choose what company you would like to work with for your repairs. Consider hiring LM Companies, for your storm damage needs. Remain in contact until your claim has been fully resolved. Discuss your findings and provide the images for documentation so the adjustor knows what to look for when determining the extent of the damage done to your home and property.

  4. Stop more damage: If you notice wind or water entering your home, cover windows and leaks (like placing a tarp over your roof). Consider staying in a hotel or other accommodations, depending on the level of destruction and the amount of work that needs to be done to your home.

  5. Keep receipts and remain organized: Saving receipts for materials or labor will allow you to be fairly reimbursed. You’ll need to submit documentation to your insurance for the claim. Look over and understand what your insurance covers. Most standard policies don’t cover flood damage, for instance. In general, a majority cover weather damage, non-weather events, and sudden or accidental events. If you think flood coverage is a good idea, speak with your agent. For all claims, proper documentation will keep all pieces moving until your residence is fixed.

We work with insurance agents and are an approved vendor. For help cleaning up and restoring your home after a storm, call LM Companies. We offer the latest in modern technology, state-of-the-art mitigation equipment, and standard construction tools. We are licensed for fire, mold, biohazard, and water restoration in Northeast Ohio! Contact us today to begin the process of restoring your residential or commercial property.