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What Does a Crime Scene Cleanup Include?

What Does a Crime Scene Cleanup Include?

A crime scene brings with it a unique set of requirements for cleanup. Not only are there biohazard risks with different bodily fluids or contaminants, but there are generally a lot of emotions attached to the scene itself. Considering these factors, continue reading to find out what a crime scene cleanup includes.


As it’s often a traumatic process, crime scene cleanup should be handled with compassion and care. Clients are going through a lot, and those hired to do the cleanup should understand that. The team needs to be able to answer questions and provide guidance when necessary due to the emotional toll a crime scene can take on clients.


Hiring someone with experience in crime scene cleanup can be beneficial. You gain the years they have under their belt. Plus, the knowledge they bring to the table of what tools, techniques, and technology are available for the job is vital. According to OSHA on PubMed, It is estimated that three million exposures to bloodborne pathogens occur annually. You want a team who knows what they’re doing and how to reduce those exposures and infections.


Whether facing blood, bodily fluids, or hazardous chemicals, you want someone trained to remove these while decontaminating these biohazards and other potentially infectious materials.  They should clean off any surface to ensure safety and sanitization. 


Any professional should use many precautions when cleaning up a crime scene. Personal protective equipment like gloves, respirators, booties, and hazmat suits are necessary. Strict protocols should be in place for handling and disposing of hazardous and infectious materials. These procedures will keep the waste properly contained and disposed of by local, state, and federal regulations.

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