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Understanding Biohazards – A Comprehensive Explanation

Understanding Biohazards – A Comprehensive Explanation

Why is it Important to Understand Biohazards?

Biohazards are any biological and or chemical substance that is a harmful to humans, animals and/or the environment. Contact with biohazards can be dangerous to your health and the health of those you love. LMCompaniesLLC is a Biohazard cleanup company and takes the worry out about exposing your family, employees, and yourself to different biohazard related problems.

In today society people assume not all biohazards need to be treated in a different way. That is completely wrong. Here are a few things that many people do not realize fall into the biohazard category.

Mold or Microbial Contamination is Considered a Biohazard

Mold is found in the world everywhere, found outside in nature is it place to thrive. When the parameters of Mold is found to be higher in the inside of a structure, this is when it becomes a health problem or health risk to the elderly, newborns and Immunocompromised Individuals. Call a Certified Mold Remediation Contractor, Certified Testing and Consultant Contractor like LMCompaniesLLC for Remediation of this problem.

Rodent Droppings are Biohazards

Many people do not realize that rodents carry dangerous diseases.  Rodents were attributed to many plagues over the centuries and their droppings are considered biohazards. Droppings contain bacteria that carry diseases, these droppings are detrimental to your health. Rodent droppings removal requires Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and HEPA filtration vacuum (HEPA) in order to prevent bacteria becoming airborne. If you contact rodent feces, you can contract viruses that can then be spread to your family. If you encounter a significant number of rodent droppings, you should leave the area immediately and call LMCompaniesLLC.  Your health is the most important factor to consider.

Drug Labs or Clandestine Drug Laboratories are also Considered Biohazards

Clandestine Drug Laboratories are also a biohazard because of the dangerous chemicals used in drug making. All equipment, containers and or tools left at the lab are harmful and should be removed by professionals. Chemicals on the scene can be inhaled through the lungs, ingested or eaten without even knowing and absorption, through the skin. Drug labs or Clandestine Drug Laboratories contain chemicals and tools that must be specially disposed of and require cleanup tools that are not readily available to the public. Call LMCompaniesLLC if you come into contact with one of these Labs to be professional cleaned.

Blood Born Pathogens are Biohazards

The miss handling of bloodborne pathogens and bodily fluids is dangerous. EPA, CDC, and PUCO have rules and regulation to follow when transporting, removal and cleaning with proper protocol. To prevent the spread of diseases like Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, a biohazard company like LMCompaniesLLC should be contacted to safely remove all traces of bacteria, blood and human body fluids from the area.

Crimes Scene Biohazards

Many crime scenes are contaminated with biohazardous waste, biological waste, chemical waste, and medical waste. It is not safe for anyone to handle these things without the proper equipment and training.  Please call a certified biohazard clean up company like LMCompaniesLLC to properly decontaminate these areas.

Call LM Companies LLC for Biohazard Clean Up.

LM Companies LLC only employs highly trained and skilled individuals who can clean a biohazard clean-up using proper protocol to ensure the safety of their employees and safety to the public. As a biohazard cleanup company, specialized equipment makes sure the technicians are safe, protected and prepared for biohazard cleanup. Call LMCompaniesLLC for your next Biohazard clean-up.


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  • Lily Bridgers
    March 28, 2023, 3:19 pm REPLY

    It’s so important to know that any biological or chemical substance that is harmful to humans, animals, or the environment is a biohazard. Thanks for emphasizing that biohazards can be harmful to your health as well as the health of those you care about. This is so helpful because our neighbor’s been disposing so much chemical in their bin and we’ve been so worried about its health implication. I’ll encourage them to hire a bio hazard cleaning service for this.

  • Mia Evans
    April 5, 2023, 4:26 am REPLY

    Thanks for pointing out that a biohazard clean-up company has to be hired for crime scenes, because there are wastes there that cannot be safe for people without proper equipment and training. I guess those kinds of companies would probably partner up with the authorities to make it easier for the police to get the crime scene cleared once they are done investigating. And I hope that they would also be available for the common people in case there are accidents that caused an area to have blood splattered everywhere.

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