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Restoring Property Instead Of Replacing

Restoring Property Instead Of Replacing

Should You Restore Or Replace Your Home After Damage?

When disaster hits, you often think the only solution is replacing your property. Depending on the damage and problems, restoration may be more beneficial financially and more effective time-wise. Restoring property can be better for reasons such as:

  • Costs can be nearly a third to replace a damaged structure and its contents.
  • Many times, it’s faster and more convenient than replacement.
  • Minimize residential customers’ temporary living expenses.
  • Business interruptions minimized with quick response.

Fire, water, mold, and other issues need immediate response for professional and effective restoration. 

  • Fires may take away your belongings and damage the structure of your home or business, but with the expertise of LM Companies, we can bring it back to life. We have the skillset needed for stabilizing and restoring (or rebuilding where required). We also work hard towards saving everything from odors and soot stains.
  • Water damage can affect residential or commercial buildings. Water damage restoration is the professional process of removing unwanted water, drying and cleaning up any water. We use only top industry tools and products along with desiccant drying, so you can rest assured knowing we will restore your space safely.
  • Residential home rebuilds and repairs play a crucial role in maintaining and improving the condition of homes. Whether due to wear and tear, natural disasters, or the desire for a fresh look, homeowners often need renovation and repair services. These projects can range from minor repairs to extensive rebuilds, each aimed at ensuring the property’s safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.
  • When commercial properties are damaged, it can disrupt business operations, impact revenue streams, and affect the business’s overall reputation. Therefore, timely and efficient damage repairs are crucial to minimizing losses and getting the company back on track.

LM Companies is a licensed restoration company and has over 46 years of experience with restoration and cleanup. We will work with your insurance. We have helped many commercial and residential damages over the years in Northeast Ohio, including Akron, Cleveland, Stow, Hudson, and Cuyahoga Falls for mold remediation, water damage, fire damage, storm damage and more! Contact us today to begin the process of restoring your residential or commercial property.