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Microbial Contamination

Microbial Contamination

“MOLD” correct nomenclature “Microbial Contamination” it is described as “a darkening area of a substrate”

Microbial Contamination, can only be said to be “Mold”, only after testing is completed by a certified Laboratory or Biologist, this will give the appropriate Binomial Nomenclature, ” i.e.” genus and species.

Only then, can this be said to be “MOLD”.

Mold cannot live at temperature below 32oF (frozen)

Mold ceases to thrive or multiply above 120oF
Relative Humidity (RH) 50%

Ideal conditions are between 33-119oF with RH of 50% with this in mind, Microbial Contamination is conducive to your home environment.

IAQ referring to Indoor Air Quality: Air Exchange rate: quick rule of thumb, but not always true, 1 room per hour. (New air induced to the environment). Exiting and Entering the structure, leave door open for a few seconds longer than normal or open windows to allow fresh air in to the structure.

After a shower, keep your exhaust fan running for at least 45 minutes, wet towel or laundry, hung or immediately put into the washer.

Cardboard and old papers and or books should be discarded after use, reason: Microbial Contamination food (Paper and wood products in ideal conditions).

Keep dehumidifiers “ON” in the structure year round, RH should be below 49%.


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