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How to Prevent and Remove Mold Growth in the Laundry Room

How to Prevent and Remove Mold Growth in the Laundry Room

When you think of a laundry room, “clean” comes to mind. However, it can be a breeding ground for mold growth. The key is maintaining a dry and clean space. Dirt and moisture feed mold better than anything. 

Here are mold prevention tips:

  • Frequent Laundering: Especially in places with higher humidity, piles of laundry can attract and create the perfect home for mold. Then it feeds on the soiled parts of the clothes.
  • Immediately Dry: Damp clothing can spread spores into the room. Avoid storing them in plastic, and do your best to swap them as soon as they finish washing.
  • Washer Maintenance: Leave the lid open to the washer when not in use, and keep it as dry as possible. Regularly check connections and for leaks.
  • Dryer Maintenance: Ensure the dryer lint is cleaned out consistently to allow moisture to vent appropriately. Check that the ventilation remains correctly directed as well.
  • Regular Cleaning: Machines need to be cleaned so nothing builds up on them. Read the manufacturer’s guide and follow the instructions.
  • Properly Ventilate: Using a fan or opening windows and doors while washing and drying can help ventilate a room while doing laundry.
  • Control Temperature/Moisture: Placing a dehumidifier in the room with your washer and dryer is a good measure of protection against mold (30-50% is a good humidity level). If you have spare silica packets from any purchases, use those in the room to help prevent mold growth, as well.

Here are mold removal tips:

  • Identify Mold: Knowing the type of mold growing will dictate how you clean it up and get rid of it. If you’re unsure of the type, contact a professional.
  • Safety Gear: You need protective gear like goggles, gloves, and a mask to handle mold removal.
  • Room Ventilation: Open any windows in the room and use fans to vent the air while you work.
  • Scrub Surfaces: Wash any affected areas like walls, floors, counters, etc., using a mold cleanser, and thoroughly rinse when recommended.
  • Contaminated Disposal: You should carefully wash or throw away any items infected with mold.
  • Dry Area: Once you have meticulously cleaned, it’s imperative to dry the room (or rooms) completely so mold does not return. Place a fan or dehumidifier in the space if necessary.
  • Close Monitoring: Repair any leaks or moisture issues, and watch for any mold regrowth. Mold can develop within 24-48 hours.

It is important to react quickly to mold issues. Mold can cause allergy issues, affect the overall health of the very young and the very old, and can even cause building structure damage. 

Whether you call it mold clean-up, mold remediation, or mold mitigation, we take our efforts seriously and consider all mold and bacterial growth situations dangerous. Our trained professionals wear protective equipment during mold remediation and take extra care NOT to spread mold or mold spores to other areas of a structure.

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