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How to Prevent a Fire In Your Home

How to Prevent a Fire In Your Home

Fires are detrimental to your health and property as well as life-changing. Unfortunately, property fires are common. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an estimated 1.35 million fires were responded to, 3,800 civilian fire deaths occurred, 14,700 reported injuries and an estimated $15.9 billion in property damage happened in 2021.

You have the ability to avoid becoming a statistic. Follow a few steps to prevent a fire before it has the chance to start:

Ignitors Out of Reach: While it may seem simple, it is important to place matches, lighters, and any other igniting sources where children cannot get to them. Teach your children that these are tools and not toys.

Smoke Alarm Safety: Smoke alarms are more than just decoration. You should regularly inspect and test them to ensure they are not faulty or dysfunctional. Install detectors on each level of your home, in bedrooms, and in hallways.

Fire Extinguisher Ready: In the same breath as smoke alarm inspection, you could include fire extinguishers. Having working ones in your home is vital. Small fires will be taken care of and flames can be suppressed while waiting for firefighters to arrive. Ensure everyone in the home familiarizes themselves with how to use a fire extinguisher as well.

Only Smoke Outside: Cigarettes can cause a fire even when you think you’ve put them out. Eliminate that issue by not smoking inside your home. Use extra precaution by having deep ashtrays with water to fully extinguish the butts.

Take Care Cooking: Whatever you do, do not leave cooking food unattended. Keep combustible materials like long sleeves, paper products, dish towels, or oven mitts away from the stovetop. Turn handles inward to prevent children from knocking over hot pots. Clean any cooled grease, and smother any grease fires rather than trying to use water to put them out.

Safe Fireplace Practices: Not every home has one, but a fireplace provides extra warmth in the winter. Each summer or fall, you should clean the chimney. When using, a fireplace screen should be in place to hold back any burning embers.

Check Out Appliances: Your home’s electrical wiring should be checked by a qualified electrician, especially if it’s an older home. Appliances should also be used wisely. Any frayed or cracked cords should be replaced, unplug any appliances that smoke or emit an odor until properly fixed, and avoid plugging large appliances into extension cords. Curtains and furniture should be kept away from space heaters.

If you should need professional assistance, LM Companies, LLC is licensed for fire damage and restoration. We are available 24-7 for water, fire, and odor damage in Northeast Ohio, including all major holidays! Contact us today to begin the process of restoring your residential or commercial property.


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