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How to Deal with Fire and Smoke Damage

How to Deal with Fire and Smoke Damage

Losing everything in a business or home to fire, soot, and smoke damage can happen quickly. While it is not a common occurrence in today’s world, it still happens. When it does, the phrase “goes up in flames” comes to mind because it is a fast, reckless, and unforgiving incident.

Getting everything back in order from fire and smoke damage can be overwhelming and traumatic for all involved. You’ll want to get everything back to pre-fire condition as soon as possible, so you must put a remediation plan in place. 

Consider the following points to properly restore your business or home:

  • Common Damages: Typically, when a fire department is called to extinguish a fire, home or business will incur similar damages in pursuit of putting out the fire. When firefighters enter the area on fire, they will first attempt to quell the flames with plenty of water. In their wake, they leave ashes, fire loss, soot, smoke damage, and air quality issues. A restoration plan must account for cleaning up the flooding, fire damage, and smoke contamination.
  • Clean Up: A professional restoration company is your best bet for proper fire and smoke damage cleanup. Not only do you get the experience and knowledge you need, but they have the latest equipment, tools, and procedures. The training they have in cleanup measures and technology will be indispensable. These professionals will give you peace of mind by ensuring everything is dry, fire-damaged items are removed, and smoke contamination is gone. Anything that can be salvaged will be, and anything that needs to be discarded will be handled for you.

Each fire is like a fingerprint, unique. What this means is that each incident brings with it a unique set of parameters for proper cleanup and restoration. You want to know that you’ll be back to your regular schedule in your business or home as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible.

When you need us, know that LM Companies is licensed for fire and smoke damage and restoration. We are available 24-7 for water, fire, and odor damage in Northeast Ohio, including all major holidays! Contact us today to begin the process of restoring your residential or commercial property.