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Common Causes of Home Water Damage

Common Causes of Home Water Damage

You can prepare and prepare, but accidents will still happen. When property damage happens to your home, you want to know where to take action. Ensure your insurance plan covers the types of damage that may occur where you live. Let’s look at some of the common causes of home damage below:

Wind: Not trying to blow you away with this one, but wind is the most common cause of home damage. Gusts of wind can uproot trees, so imagine what gusts that strong could do to a house. The roof, siding, windows, and sometimes doors don’t stand a chance. Do yourself a favor and move items that high winds may pick up and place them in a safer location so they won’t be thrown into your property and cause damage. Prune trees, strengthen structures, and store projectile objects until the storm passes.

Water Not From Weather: According to Policygenius, “53% of non-weather water damage claims are related to plumbing issues” in 2020. And 20% of home insurance claims were due to water damage and freezing. Think of all the appliances and pipes in your home; each one has the potential to leak or burst. Routinely inspect and know where to find the water sources in your home. Locate the shutoff valves should you need to use them.

Hail: In storms, hail is often unexpected, so the damage can be swift, unavoidable, and costly. Ensure the quality of your building materials to help them be sturdy enough to withstand any hail or reduce the damage done. If you have a covered area, garage, or more protected area, try to move items like cars or patio furniture there for the duration of the storm.

Water From Weather: Storms can carry enough heavy rain to cause flooding and other damage. Perform maintenance on your property, like your roof, to ensure they are in good condition with no worn, old, or cracked areas. Clean your gutters regularly. Pay attention to snow accumulation and places on your property that may need leveling or drainage to prevent pooling water.

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