Experiencing a fire in your home or business is undeniably traumatic. While the flames can cause immediate damage to belongings and structures, the lingering effects of smoke and soot can lead to unseen problems. At LM Companies, we understand the challenges of fire damage and are equipped with the expertise to stabilize your home, rebuild structures, and salvage items affected by smoke odor and soot.


Akron Fire Damage Restoration

LM Companies provides a full range of services for fire restoration projects in Akron, Ohio. Their services begin with a thorough inspection of the damaged property, including areas affected by smoke and soot. They also offer boarding and tarping services to protect structures from further damage.

In cases where fires are a result of criminal activity, LM Companies collaborates effectively with fire and police investigators to secure evidence and preserve relevant debris.

Their services also include managing the removal of damaged components, rebuilding structures, handling electrical and plumbing work, managing all necessary inspections, and focusing on areas that have survived to remove soot stains and smoke odor. LM Companies prides itself on its ability to restore properties to their pre-fire condition efficiently and effectively, all while working closely with insurance companies.

Additionally, LM Companies addresses water damage mitigation that often accompanies fire damage. They offer services such as water removal, dehumidification, and carpet cleaning, providing a comprehensive approach to fire restoration in Akron, Ohio.

  • Smoke Odor Elimination
  • Fire Reconstruction
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Soot Cleanup
  • Commercial and Residential Repairs

We are a large loss contractor and will assist clients with complete reconstruction projects. We work diligently with all insurance companies to restore buildings from smoke, fire, odor, and mold damage in Akron Ohio.

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