About LM Companies LLC

LM Companies LLC, Family owned and operated by Mary Ann and Lou. The owners offer a combined 61 years in the restoration industry. Providing service to their customers with the highest level of integrity and quality in Akron Ohio, Hudson Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio, Stow Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, and Fairlawn Ohio,

We offer the latest in modern technology and state of the art mitigation equipment along with standard construction tools.  We integrate EPA and OSHA regulations into daily operations- focusing on high standards of quality.

All of our services are 100% confidential.

We know that continuing education and certifications improves the attitudes and abilities of everyone on our team, and increases pride in jobs well done. We strive to offer customers in unexpected disasters compassion and empathy, while being their solution in uncertain situations.

We believe that safety is our first priority. With using state of the art equipment and back to basic techniques, Restoration, Decontamination and Remediation of a structure can then be accomplished. LM Companies LLC will work with you or directly with your insurance company for any restoration services.



We are fully aware that when a homeowner calls us, the precluding events are likely nothing less than tragic. Our teams- from those that answer the phones to those wearing protective gear, to our men swinging hammers, are sympathetic to your tragedy. You can only expect discretion, professionalism, and a job done right without constant rework.

Residential Property Owners

So, your renter started a meth lab in your rented apartment. Nice. Unfortunately, this is an all too common (and to us, hated) occurrence that defies explanation.

Whether you require a full meth lab clean out, or are need to make repairs from a flood or a fire, we will work with you, your renters, and your insurance company to return your property to as good as new, or better.

Hospitals, Schools and Institutions

Aside from quality work, confidentiality is of upmost importance to our clients serving the public. We regularly honor requests such as these- which is why you won’t see many testimonials on our website, nor photographs, nor will we converse about details over the phone.

We are often asked to respond quickly to incidents that occur at public institutions- Call us at 877-380-7663 for 24/7 emergency service.

Federal, State and Local Governments

LM Companies has experience with all levels of government- from a multitude of federal agencies, to state governments, to assisting local police precincts.

We assist in trauma clean up, meth lab cleanup, conflict clean up and of course fire and water restoration services. While we cannot share confidential information regarding particular agencies, we can promise that your project is in good company.


LM Companies is a large loss contractor. We can work with your organization to clean up mistakes, repair water, smoke and fire damage, and bring you back to the business of working in as little time as possible.

Need immediate assistance?

Don't hesitate to give us a call or send us a message. We're available 24/7.