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6 Types of Biohazards Waste (and Safety Levels)

6 Types of Biohazards Waste (and Safety Levels)

A biohazard is a biological material that poses a threat to living organisms’ health. Each kind has a specific cleanup method to adhere to, but there is professional help trained to meet those standards. As biohazardous waste can be harmful, it’s important to be aware of the dangers.

  1. Blood: This generally pertains to human blood and materials with visible blood on them. Anything affected with blood will need proper handling.
  2. Animal: Pieces or carcasses of animals are considered biohazards. Additionally, any bedding or toys that animals with pathogenic organisms may have infected must be disposed of safely.
  3. Fluids: Human bodily fluids (saliva, semen, amniotic fluid, etc.) cause a lot of concern for contaminants. Ensuring their safe destruction is paramount. 
  4. Microbiological: This type of waste is usually found in laboratories. You must follow procedures for getting rid of specimen cultures, viruses, devices for mixing cultures, etc.
  5. Pathological: Any non-skin human tissue, biopsy materials, and parts from procedures and autopsies fall into the pathological biohazard category. It may seem obvious, but there needs to be a certain set of parameters to stick to in order to dispose of these items properly.
  6. Sharps: You know needles have special biohazard bins, but glass slides, cover slips, tubing, and scalpels are included in sharp instruments that need to be carefully thrown away. They pose a big risk of transferring diseases and dangerous substances otherwise. 

Now that you know some of the most common biohazards, you should also be familiar with the four biohazard levels.

  1. These are minimal threats.
  2. These can cause severe human illness and transfer through direct contact. 
  3. These pathogens can become airborne and cause serious diseases.
  4. These pathogens have no treatments and are at a high risk of causing life-threatening diseases.

If you have any concerns about contaminants or biohazards waste materials, do not take a chance; call a professional. LM Companies is licensed for biohazards cleanup. We are available 24-7 in Northeast Ohio, including all major holidays! Contact us today to begin the process of restoring your residential or commercial property.