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4 Things To Do After Fire Damage

4 Things To Do After Fire Damage

You have experience one of the worst things that can happen to your home or business, you have suffered a fire damage loss.  Figuring out what to do after a fire or structural damage can be an overwhelming process.  Where do you start?  What do you do next?   Here is a quick checklist of things to do when you experience fire, fire damage and smoke damage to your residence or commercial property.

Call your insurance adjuster after a fire or fire damage. (Claims office)

With help from your insurance claim adjuster, fire damage claims are settled quickly and help to get your life back to normal.  That first call will get the ball rolling, your adjuster will be able to help you understand the process.  Your adjuster will have options, determining what course of action to settle your damage claim.

Call a fire damage restoration company like LM Companies LLC Restoration Contractor.

Fire Damage Restoration Professionals like LM Companies LLC clean up soot, water damage, and smoke damage to your furnishings, belongings and structure.  Make sure you are dealing with a fire damage restoration company that will care for your belongings like you would, with care and integrity.  Fire Damage restoration companies will have the resources to clean and restore your property.  They have the contacts to good sub-contractors, engineers, electrician, plumbers and more that will be required to make sure your home or business is safe for you to re-occupy.

Do not stay in your home after a fire.

Most homeowner’s policies include a “loss of use” as part of your coverage after fire damage.  It help pay for food, clothing and a place to stay while your fire damage home or commercial business is restored to pre-loss condition.  Safety first for you and your family, staying in your fire damage structure is a bad idea. Fire damage structure could have damage to the structural integrity, electrical and HVAC of your home or business.

Review your policies with your insurance agent regularly.

Make s sure you have Adequate coverage for Fire Damage and Personal Property or Content Coverage.  Always make sure it is reviewed yearly or on the renewal date.  The last thing that you want is to find out that you don’t have the adequate coverage.  Make sure you have your Insurance Carries phone number, policy number is programmed into your phone. It is helpful  knowing who to call when fire damage happens.

No one want to go through a fire.  If you are dealing with a fire damage claim and need assistance from the Professional at LM Companies LLC fire restoration, please contact us today.


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