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3 Great Reasons Not to Go Into a Flooded Basement

3 Great Reasons Not to Go Into a Flooded Basement


We know, the first thing you think to do when you see your basement flooded is to panic and try to “fix it.” Weather it Clean Water, Sewage Back-up and Rain Water.  The problem with that moment of panic is that we are not always thinking things through, is it Clean Water, Sewage Back-up or Rain Water.   The adrenaline of the situation often takes over, “I have to save my baby picture, the family album, what about the furniture, our Christmas Tree.” STOP, THINK remember 3 key reasons for making your first move of calling a professional for help like LM Companies LLC water damage Restoration Contractor.

DO NOT enter a Flood Damaged or Water Damage basement you could be electrocuted.

3 Reasons Not to enter Your Flooded Basement.“Yeah, the carpet is a little wet.” STOP THINK water damage, Lights are on, I can do this. My vacuum is on the other side of the basement, I’ll just walk through my water fill basement and get it.  STOP THINK, the Clean Water is only one inch. STOP THINK is a power cord in the water? The cord to the lamp, the one that was repaired by you with Duct Tape, is sitting in the water. HELLO “are you still there” Do I still have your attention. Call the Professional at LM Companies LLC water damage contractor or someone like another water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Contractors have the knowledge and Equipment to handle these problems. Water Damage Restoration like LM Companies LLC have the ability to call City utility companies and licensed electricians if necessary to remove the electrical meter from the electrical connection to the grid. The last thing we want is to see someone hurt. Read more safety tips for dealing with electricity in a flood from Safe Electricity Organization.

Never go into a flood damage or water damage basement.

Even after the electric has been completely disconnected or made safe is it safe to enter? NO it is not, Bacteria, what is that? Clean Water, Sewage Backup and Rain Water brings it into the Water Damage Structure. “Yea right” I’m still going to clean it my-self” or “Oh it smells, I’ll vacuum it with put it into the toilet. Quiet! What’s that noise, its coming from the drain, STOP your standing in front the toilet, make a gurgling sound again. Still standing in front of the toilet, BOOM SWISH you are covered in RAW SEWAGE, Bacteria.” What do you do next,take a shower? Go upstairs change your clothes? It too late. What do you mean, the drain is clogged or backed up, “no shower” and if you go upstairs, you contaminated the carpet and the bed where you laid the Raw Sewage clothes.

Water Damage Restoration Companies like LM Companies LLC remove that risk of uncertainty.  We can fix the flood damage or water damage, but we cannot make another person.  Things can be replaced, people can’t.

Don’t wait to dry out in your flood damage or water damage basement call a professional.

Trained Professional as LM Companies LLC Water Damage Division have state of the art Equipment. Structural Drying is important so that Mold will not start to grow. Mold in some cases will start within 12 hours in ideal conditions. Commercial and Residential Water Damage Structures offer ample food supply in drywall, wood, insulation and paper.  When these materials become damp or wet, spores become active.  Mold can be very toxic if not treated properly. For more facts on mold and mildew we recommend you read this brochure from FEMA.



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